The aim of this site is simple… to provide relevant and useful information to those who are either at, or approaching, retirement.

Retirement can be quite daunting but it shouldn’t be, it is a time of life that should be welcomed, not feared… after all, it is the time of life that most have thought about quite a lot, by the time they reach it!

So, should you have any questions on a particular point, you may well find the answer here, if not then get in touch and we will see if we can help? Whether that be:

  • Savings/Investments
  • Pension Income (Pre and/or Post Retirement)
  • Inheritance Tax & Trusts
  • Long Term Care
  • Lifetime Mortgages

Although I try to post articles around the above areas of finance which you, your family, friends, colleagues etc may find of interest, please note, the articles are not intended as advice and, as such, professional advice should always be sought prior to putting any plans into place.

Should you require advice on any specific topic please obtain independent financial advice and, in my opinion, ideally on a fee basis as this way you ensure you receive advice that is relevant as well as suitable to your own situation or objectives. It also means it will not be dependent on the sale of a particular product!



About Kieron

Married with three young children, Kieron enjoys most activities that involve being outdoors with his family but, as the children grow older and their own worlds expand, he also concedes that it gets harder and harder to achieve this on a regular basis nowadays!


After graduating in Economics & Financial Services, Kieron became an adviser in 1997 moving to become independent in 1999 and is now a Chartered Financial Planner.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. * The FCA do not regulate Tax planning.

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