Pension Income (Pre & Post Retirement)

What does Retirement mean to you?

Many will think about the time they will spend on activities or with loved ones and doing it all without care or concern…

That’s the dream at least but like any other holiday, retirement needs to be paid for, only this time it has to be paid for in advance!

Now many will think Retirement and then “Pension” but Pension does not necessarily mean a personal or occupation pension scheme; whilst they are obvious ways to save for retirement, other means are available and it could be your own strategy for your retirement including ISA’s, Unit Trust, Property, Vintage Cars, Wine, Antiques etc..

Or maybe you are at the stage where you need to decide how you will take your benefits from your pension.

Either way there will be questions you may have:

  • Am I on track to retire when I want?
  • Can I afford the lifestyle I want when I retire?
  • What else can I do?
  • Are there more tax efficient ways to save?
  • Now I am at retirement, what options do I have?
  • How much access do I have to my Pension pot?
  • What amount of tax free cash is available from my Pension scheme(s)?
  • What is an Open Market option?
  • What other ways to take an income are there?
  • Can I guarantee my income?
  • Will I outlive my assets?

The list could go on and, depending on your own situation, the questions could vary a great deal!

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