Long Term Care

Long Term Care Fees, and how they are paid, is something we all have consider as we get older and there are a number of things to think about, before we pay our long term care fees, to ensure you do not end up losing out.

If you need, Long Term Care:

  • What state benefits are you entitled to – Attendance Allowance; Pension Credit etc?
  • What is the cost of your chosen home (or homes) or what does it cost to receive Long Term Care at home?
  • How long will your current Investments last if you require long term care – at home or residential?
  • Are you concerned that you will need all your assets to pay for long term care?
  • What happens if you run out of funds?
  • Should you look at the alternatives?

Whether you are currently receiving care, are about to enter care or know/act in a legal capacity for someone who is there will be many questions on your mind. Your first step should be to arm yourself with the information that will help you face the decisions you need to make.

Obtaining independent advice is certainly a consideration so that any move is made with confidence!

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