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Facing up to Retirement is a daunting task for many people, particularly when it comes to managing finances to provide for later in life.

There are many different aspects to consider and you may have concerns about any one or more of the following:

  • Savings/Investments
  • Retirement Income (Both Pre & Post)
  • Inheritance Tax & Trusts
  • Long Term Care (in your own home or a care home)
  • Lifetime Mortgages

Of course our later years are something that should be welcomed, not feared and planning properly in advance should mean peace of mind.

Financial planning for Retirement – or any future event for that matter – whether it is just around the corner or years away, is not something anyone has to tackle alone and everyone is different. An Independent Financial Adviser can talk to you about your general as well as your specific aims and objectives to help you work out your options.

These discussions can help identify what options are available to you in those areas of concern.

Of course an essential element of this forward planning will be finding a specialist Independent Financial Adviser that can help assess your own financial position and, if necessary, help to re-arrange your finances in order to provide the long term strategy that will work for you.

Getting the right advice and assistance now, can help you to make decisions that mean facing the future with confidence, not fear.

Whether it’s

  • An impending retirement;
  • A depleted investment portfolio;
  • Concerns over Inheritance Tax;
  • Long Term Care;
  • Equity Release

or simply a strategy to move forward from where you are now, you will have questions to ask, such as –

  • “My Investments/Pensions have really been affected by the recent turmoil – what should I do now?”
  • “Can I protect my Capital for future years?”
  • “How can I increase my Income?”
  • “Can I guarantee the Income I receive?”
  • “Am I investing in the most tax efficient manner for my circumstances?”
  • “I am not sure my current investments are achieving all they could – what should I do?”
  • “What will be the impact of Inheritance Tax on my estate, what will my children receive?”
  • “Can I reduce or mitigate Inheritance tax?”
  • “What is the impact of Inheritance tax planning on my ability to pay for care?”
  • “What happens if I have to go into a care home?”
  • “Will I have to pay for care, if so how can I pay and how much?”
  • “What is equity release and is it right for me?”

Whatever the question, we can help you find the right solution…

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