Posted by: WealthIFA | September 21, 2012

Financial News Update we 21/09/2012

Hope you had a good summer?

At the time of my last update, Bradley Wiggins was on the verge of creating history in the Tour de France…

Little did we know that we were about to embark on our summer of sporting endeavours as our Olympians and Paralympians smashed previous medal hauls at London 2012 too.

I must admit I wasn’t sure if the actual event would live up to its hype but we were totally hooked in from the first opening ceremony and the first question I was asked each morning by one of the children as they woke was “How many golds do GB have now Dad?”!

Having been defeated at the Wimbledon final, Andy Murray not only secured gold for Team GB against the very same opponent but then went on to win his first grand slam in the US open!…

Ok so I am sure there are the cynics out there whose response to the above will be “Summer, what summer?!….” which is fair enough but I guess it depends on which few weeks you spent trying to convince yourself that the UK was a good place to spend your summer holiday!
We did but we also managed to pick the right time weather wise so can’t complain although I know of plenty of others who were not so fortunate but on the bright side, if that was you, at least coming home early was easy enough… hmmm, that probably didn’t help did it?….

Whichever way you look at it, the “summer” is now over, the children are all back at school (our youngest started school – which she is loving at the time of writing!) and everyone seems to be marveling now at the fact we are pretty much almost through September!!

Looking back the news has been quiet as expected (hence the hiatus in updates) but it is the same topics that have kept coming up and the issues faced by those at or approaching retirement do not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon…

This Week …

Estate Planning

Inheritance tax bright spot amid property gloom:
Inheritance tax the bigger picture:
HMRC recoups £26m missing inheritance tax using complex PC systems:
It’s your funeral if you try to cheat HMRC:
Long Term Care

Those needing long-term care warned not to place hope on government’s promise:
New East Sussex home Hurstwood View opens its doors:


The Citywire Money guide to annuities and retirement income:
Pensioners biggest winners from QE – Bank of England:
Savers are suffering, but without QE it would be a lot worse:
Automatic enrolment system timetable revealed


September 2012 cash values for Index-linked Savings Certificates (Manage Existing Certificates):
611m GBP raised through Enterprise Investment Scheme:
Sir Mervyn King says economic recovery on its way :

Have a great weekend!



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