Posted by: WealthIFA | June 22, 2012

Financial News Update we 22/06/2012

Have you had a good week?

In case you hadn’t noticed, in the world of football the Euros are taking place at the moment and England are now through to the knockout stages having won their group…

Aside from the win over Sweden, I don’t think it’s been that inspirational a ride so far but of course, should they progress further, I will obviously state they were always going to do so!

There is obviously an air of excitement over the Olympics too and my children have been logging in regularly to see where the torch is on its current relay route… not long now before it comes through Tunbridge Wells (17th July by the way!) so that is something for the town to look forward to – it will probably be a long time before we see that happen again?

If you hadn’t noticed, we also had the longest day yesterday so I hope you enjoyed your summer as the nights now start to draw in!

Not much to report in the news this week although I did note the article on social care which highlights initial hype on the expected white paper is looking more likely to be nothing more than propaganda as the true issues get lost in the long grass but let us hope I am wrong?…

Retirement is still a big issue for many and, judging by recent articles, I don’t think it’s something that should be ignored either. Anyone approaching retirement over the next few years faces a torrid time of it as they come to terms with rock bottom returns on their savings as well as record low annuity rates and so on.

A client I saw yesterday is concerned as she wishes to retire (or at least increase the income from her savings) next summer so we have agreed to get together in the new year to give us plenty of time to review her financial situation as well as her options going forward – without wishing to state the obvious, it makes such a difference if you plan ahead.

Have a great weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

‘Death tax’ may be needed to pay for care homes:
Farmer’s son defeats sister’s appeal against proprietary estoppel award

Long Term Care

People reluctant to seek financial advice on care homes:
Care home provider backs report that aims to improve dignity in care:


Will you ever be able to retire?:
More people to delay retirement:


Investment trusts weather the 2012 storm:

Please Note: The purpose of these updates is to report article content that may be of interest to you and/or your clients. Any information should not be construed as specific financial advice. Therefore, before any financial decision is made or plans are implemented, independent financial advice should be sought.



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