Posted by: WealthIFA | May 25, 2012

Financial News Update we 25/05/2012

Our two recent additions are venturing out on a regular basis now but just how much freedom can you give a couple of baby rabbits?… we are not entirely sure of their genders yet but that hasn’t stopped our eldest two naming them!

What amazed me was the instinctive nature of the mother – she appeared quite nonchalant about her new offspring, hardly spending any time with them in the hutch during the day and almost seemed to avoid them as much as she could where possible?

But rather than having to report her for neglect, it turns out to be a survival instinct used in the wild to detract predators from the nest – how does she know that, she hasn’t seen another rabbit since she left her own mother as a kitten?!

Anyway, sorry how have you been?

I see Mr Zuckerbergs wealth may have been a little dented since last week so he may not be the 23rd wealthiest individual on the planet anymore but I am sure he will be ok – he has sold off some of his own stock and now has a little $1bn nest egg (in case of emergencies I guess) – I hope he has taken advice on how to make it last?…

Talking of wealth, we are seeing renewed interest (or is that concern?) on the impact of inheritance tax on an estate and, whilst there are a number of solutions available for most such as using exemptions, reliefs and/or trusts, the most appropriate solution for one, may not suit another so it’s imperative to obtain specific advice.

It is certainly one of the least popular taxes (actually, is there a popular one?) with many keen to avoid their heirs having to pay out unnecessarily – that said it is still regarded as a voluntary tax though as many fail to plan for it.

There are ways to avoid many of the issues we may face about our finances but, in order to do so, a little planning is required.

Have a good weekend!

This Week …

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