Posted by: WealthIFA | March 30, 2012

Financial News Update we 30/03/2012

We are preparing to celebrate our daughters 4th birthday this weekend and, having asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, a dozen or so of her friends will be descending upon us. Whilst we had planned to provide plenty to do outside, we now face the prospect of a chaotic time indoors – oh well, I am sure it will be fun anyway?!

As the dust settles over last week’s budget, many are now counting the cost of the chancellor’s proposals as more and more articles reveal the true meaning behind the speech.

Some good news for those in the BT Pension fund as it announces a huge investment of £2bn into the fund. Ok, it is only half the actual deficit but it does reinforce BT’s commitment to their staff and their pension.

There will be no update next week so have a great weekend and see you in a few weeks!

This Week …

Estate Planning

Budget 2012: Inheritance tax, not stamp duty, will ‘stalk the streets of Chelsea’:
Son loses appeal over “promised” Derbyshire farm inheritance
First three ABSs are licensed

Long Term Care

Dispute over support for Effingham care home:
Care fees reclaim deadline announced by the Department of Health:
Huge elderly care study’s mixed messages:


BT’s Pension commitment:
Automatic enrolment pension thresholds increased


ISA deadline looming
VCTs may offer plenty of perks but they are not for the cautious:



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