Posted by: WealthIFA | March 9, 2012

Financial News Update we 09/03/2012

How has your week been?

Hopefully you or your loved ones have not suffered with the virus that seems to be going around?

Nine children were missing from my son’s class earlier this week and it is not just a 24 hour thing either. It completely knocked my son and wife out for a good 4-5 days – with our eldest only suffering more milder symptoms. Our youngest has already displayed signs– high temperature, tiredness, coughing etc – of going down with it in the last few days so that just leaves me… but I am being optimistic for now at least!…

Admittedly, the 3 year anniversary of record low interest rates had passed me by – is it me or is time speeding up? – I have read somewhere that someone forecast pretty much the same rates for the next few years…

I am not so sure and, whilst I think the consensus is that they will remain low for the next year or so, we should certainly be factoring in higher interest rates within our budgets.

Work wise it’s been busy again, with some care fees planning and trustee investment clients (including a personal injury trust) on the agenda this week and I have been grateful that I am able to work from home given the state of health of those around me!

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

Mum-of-three who forged will is released from prison on appeal

Long Term Care

Dorothy’s toast for a centenary:
Don’t let us down on care funding reform, alliance tells Andrew Lansley:
NHS forgetting needs of care home residents, warns review:
Care home residents lack NHS services – CQC survey:


‘We need a minister for older people’, Anchor Trust residents tell Ed Balls:
Living costs for pensioners soar by 33% since 2000:


Interest rates at record low for three years:



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