Posted by: WealthIFA | March 2, 2012

Financial News Update we 02/03/2012

Hope it has been a good week for you?

Where is the time going? It is now March and officially spring which is very welcome in some respects but also very worrying in others as time is passing at an alarming rate right now…

The news has stagnated a bit over the last few weeks which means that it hasn’t got any worse at least – after all, it’s usually only the bad news that’s deemed newsworthy I feel – but I have managed to find some interesting posts most notably that HSBC announced £14bn of profits in 2011 whilst the tax payer owned/backed RBS and Lloyds posted losses of £766m and £3.5bn respectively over the same period… what is going on?!

Good news though for holiday let ownership as it is ruled that business property relief can apply and so a saving against inheritance tax can be achieved.

And to end on a high note, Arsenal had a great match at the weekend – much to the delight of my son – what a game, from 2:0 down to a 5:2 win – sorry to all you spurs fans!…

Have a great weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

Holiday let owners in inheritance tax court victory:

Long Term Care

A sign of the times as Stoke-on-Trent council approves £24m budget cuts:
HSBC set to claw back ‘mis-selling’ bonuses:
Families hide their wealth to avoid care home costs


Embrace the brave new world of retirement:
The crippling legacy of with-profits pensions:
Pension holders warned about releasing money early



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