Posted by: WealthIFA | February 24, 2012

Financial News Update we 24/02/2012

I hope you have had a good week?

My son enjoyed his birthday last weekend and, although he was somewhat disappointed with his teams (Arsenal) FA cup result on Saturday, he does seem to be over it now… let’s just hope they get the result they need this weekend?!

In the office it’s been a good week with a mix of new client meetings as well as finalizing some work for existing clients… my task list is now reducing in its (mainly) red appearance too!

Early in the week I was given a lesson in what we actually achieve for our clients…

Having spent well over 2 hours talking to a new client, he informed me that he had not been able sleep recently due to worry over his financial affairs (he has received a large compensation payment from an accident a number of years ago) but that he was looking forward to a sound night’s sleep after being reassured about his future finances by our meeting and instructed me to advise.

Sometimes, I guess it is easy to overlook the effect or impact we can have on other people, so I have made a mental note to try and be more aware of this in the future – both in terms of the positive and negative.

In the news, the increased concern over inheritance tax continues with an interesting statistic I came across being the revenue generated by inheritance tax in 2010-11 (£2.7bn) was almost as much as the duty derived from wine (£3.1bn) or beer (£3.2bn) – not sure turning to drink is an advisable way to avoid tax but maybe others know better?

This Week …

Estate Planning

UK Inheritance Tax Changes To Hit More People:
Granddaughter cut out of will after ‘living in sin’

Long Term Care

Good Care Guide concerns:
Funding older people’s care: there’s no ‘sticking plaster solution’:
‘New beginning’ for Copthorne care home:
Head of Care Quality Commission quits following damning report:


We can’t survive on our pension thanks to QE and a change in legislation:
Better annuities a step closer as new rules aim to improve retirement:
Will your state pension shrink from this April?


Santander fined £1.5m by FSA over investment cover
Bank of England minutes show two members wanted more QE

Have a good weekend!



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