Posted by: WealthIFA | February 3, 2012

Financial News Update we 03/02/2012

Have you had a good week? It’s certainly been a cold one hasn’t it?
My eldest was convinced she was going to be building snowmen as a few flakes fell on the way to school earlier in the week but so far, that hasn’t been the case… she still has her fingers crossed for the weekend though.

Not sure about you but I can’t believe its February already… the drive into the office in the mornings is certainly getting lighter, which does make it a little more bearable, but where did January go?!!

There was a good attendance at our “Pre Retirement Seminar” on Tuesday, which highlights the potential issues faced by those in retirement – the topics of which I try to cover in these weekly updates. I enjoy these talks as there is usually a mix of delegates in the room and I find it interesting to see which parts they engage in the most.

Some are concerned about the more immediate issues such as a drop in their income or how to achieve the required returns on their investments, others are concerned about the potential cost of care (usually because they have experienced the issue through a parent/relative) whilst others want to know about the impact of tax (on income, capital gains & inheritance) on their holdings. Some are concerned about everything!

In the news, those same retirement issues remain to be highlighted, whether it is income in retirement, care fees or what to do with your savings – there always seems to be something to consider, but then I guess if there wasn’t, I wouldn’t be quite so busy…

Have a good day today and enjoy your weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

Appeal court overturns deathbed will where beneficiary guided testator’s hand
Widow fails in dual challenge to husband’s will

Long Term Care

Elderly in crisis as councils cut care home funding:
Website to rate care homes to be launched:
Sefton Council urged to raise spending on care homes:


How the European Union is threatening United Kingdom pensions:
How to fight dwindling annuity rates:
Pension income driven down by Bank printing extra money:


National Savings & Investments (NS&I) cuts key savings rate:



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