Posted by: WealthIFA | January 20, 2012

Financial News Update we 20/01/2012

Have you had a good week?

A Proud moment: He had thought ahead about his position on the pitch and, as his defending team mate won it, the ball was played through the middle of two opposing midfielders into his path as he made his way from the half way line… with two team mates flanking him for support and defenders trying in vain to catch him, he raced towards the keeper at the opposite end… time seemed to slow down and, with a dip of his shoulder, he sent the keeper to his left then lifted the ball over the floundering keeper into the back of the net!

Who was this I describe? Van Persie with yet another phenomenal goal for the gunners, Walcott or the skills of a returning Henri?…

Not quite, it was my six year old son last Saturday and, as you can probably tell, I was pretty damn chuffed to say the least!

As if that was not enough, my wife had also come to watch and happened to be videoing the match at that point…. I have only watched the replay about, oh, 50 times so far!!!

A rather proud moment indeed…

My working week was never going to come close but it has been a busy and interesting week all the same with a diverse range of clients needs to address with long term care; inheritance tax; investing and some cash flow forecasting (for a couple who are planning their retirement over the coming years ahead) forming the main discussions.

It feels as though I haven’t seen much of my desk this week as most of it has been spent in meetings or I have been out of the office but then I guess that is the objective really isn’t it?

A few articles I thought worth mentioning below and I note that inheritance tax is becoming a bit of a regular topic again. Perhaps people are feeling that they do need to plan ahead as they would rather their heirs receive the benefit than the state?

Have a great weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

Party leaders back charity legacies:
Gerry Rafferty’s fiancée sues for cut of estate
Proposals to Give Inheritance Rights to Cohabiting Couples:

Long Term Care

How can we pay for long-term care?:
Long term issue:


IFA fights for clients income:


UK inflation rate falls to 4.2% in December



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