Posted by: WealthIFA | December 2, 2011

Financial News Update we 02/12/2011

Good morning,

Well, I think we are now definitely in Christmas territory…

Not sure about you but the weekend ahead for me involves getting the tree, searching in the loft for the decorations and ensuring the lights go up outside the house… and those are just my instructions from the children, my wife has been very quiet so far or perhaps her messages are being sent by stealth instead?!!

It’s been a busy week news wise too, what with the Autumn Statement and all but amongst all the doom and gloom – of which there is plenty –  there was this story from the back end of last week that I thought was, well, refreshing to say the least!

How old is too old? Personally, I think it is a mindset thing and this story would certainly seem to support this…

We are only too aware of budgetary cuts and the impact this is having on some care homes. So, with many facing closure, it is all too often we hear of the plight of the elderly residents as they face upheaval and uncertainty.

One such resident at a Kent care home took a different view though and, when told that her care home was facing closure, saw it as an opportunity and decided it was time to emigrate to New Zealand but, what makes this story even more amazing is that the lady in question is 102!….

I was gob smacked when I saw it but full of admiration for this lady and can only wish her well for her new life. Her only request on landing in NZ?… see for yourself in this BBC clip

On that happy note, have a fantastic weekend!

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