Posted by: WealthIFA | October 7, 2011

Financial News Update we 07/10/2011

Hope you have had a good week?

Well what a difference a week makes… this time last week we were all basking in glorious sun thinking it was midsummer, as opposed to the beginning of October, and our barbeque even made another “final” appearance on Sunday as we ditched the idea of a roast altogether…

This morning it is colder, the trees in our garden seem to be producing and dropping an abundance of leaves at an alarming rate (what happened to the apples that were there only a few weeks ago?!) and I am back to walking the dog in the dark in the evenings as the nights draw in!

Autumn is definitely here and, if the last few years have been anything to go by, the snow shovel will be coming in useful at some point too (someone mentioned snow before the month is out?!!).

Much as I love the snow though I do hope we don’t have a repeat of Friday 17th December last year – the day I, along with many others, spent more hours than normal (8 in my case) trying to navigate what should have been part of a much shorter (1 hour!) journey as the roads became gridlocked….

“Gridlocked”, now that’s not a word I would usually use to describe the country lanes around Tunbridge Wells?!!

Our daily habits do need to change to account for this change in seasons and I am sure you have your own ritual for the winter ahead, after all as they say, “preparation is key”.

Preparation is something we need to think about in our economic outlook too…

Mervyn King, the Bank of England Governor has this week been quoted as saying that he sees the current “crisis” as “…the most serious financial crisis we’ve seen at least since the 1930s, if not ever…”

Hindsight is obviously a wonderful gift but relying on this is probably just as effective as hoping for the best!

By all means hope for the best but, as I have said many times previously, plan for the worst too!

Talking of preparation, I think it will be a roast on Sunday!!….

This Week …

Estate Planning

UK Inheritance Tax to peak in 2047:
Advisers warned of threat to IHT reliefs:
Supermarket ‘law shops’ to sell legal services
Probate service statistics reveal continuing decline in grant applications
Reminder that solicitors can self-certify LPA copies

Long Term Care

Alzheimer’s drugs ‘delay care home move by a year’:
MHA and Mencap rescue 25 ex-Southern Cross care homes:


Danish giant in UK pension market:
Why buying an annuity can be a stressful process:
Can scheme pension protect where drawdown falls short?:


Bank of England decision ‘a Titanic disaster’:

Have a fantastic weekend!



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