Posted by: WealthIFA | September 9, 2011

Financial News Update we 09/09/2011

Is it really September already?… Our garden has a covering of leaves and I am wondering where the year has gone, let alone the summer?!!

Oh well, the autumn is not so bad really, being that time of year when you start to think about what needs to be done in preparation for the winter – the last (please let it be the last!) grass cut, wood for the fire and so on although I am still reluctant to give up on the summer attire whenever I can… that said the school drop off in shorts and flip flops this week was a little questionable as the heavens opened?!!

Talking of preparation, interest rates have been held again this month (, but I don’t think that will come as much of a surprise to many as there is a long way to go yet and the government needs to help out the economy as much as it can.

As we deliberate over the “double dip” scenario, more and more of those approaching retirement are faced with stark choices – accept further (investment) risk in their investment and/or pensions portfolios or cut their losses…

And then I am wondering whether it is just me or whether there is a huge chasm of what is going on for most people in the UK and those who seem (from the outside at least) to be relatively unaffected by it all?

A subject I covered last week got me thinking… now, as much as I admire the integrity of it all, how many could or would actually decline £430,000 if we were, legally speaking at least, entitled to it? – as I said a huge chasm indeed!

The usual round up of finance related articles below but as always, do let me know if you have seen something of interest?

Have a great weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

Osborne urged to drop 50p tax rate
Law Gazette: OPG fees set to increase sharply

Long Term Care

Care Roadshow, Brighton 23/11/2011 – Registration Now Open:
Four Seasons to double number of Southern Cross homes:
Veterans honoured at Tunbridge Wells care centre event:


Wake up call for pension savers:
Telegraph – How to build the portfolio that meets your needs:
Value of pension contributions continues to drop:


ETFs: Are they about to get more active:
NS&I forced to withdraw index-linked bond:
Is this new service “ambulance chasing”?:



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