Posted by: WealthIFA | June 17, 2011

Financial News Update we 17/06/2011

How have you been this week?

The Valiant Golf Day went well yesterday despite the heavy cloud that seemed to follow us for most of the day… it was a relatively dry day by all accounts and, although we had a few “soakings”, we all escaped a full on 4 hour plus drenching!!

The storm clouds have been looming for a while now too, as far as social care is concerned (sorry I had to shoehorn that one in a bit!) and with the Dilnot commissions report being eagerly awaited, even with the suggested proposals of a £50,000 per annum cap on private contributions, I am left to wonder where the rest of the funding will come from?

Preparing this week for another “Protecting Your Assets” seminar on Monday and, having done it countless times already this year, I do wonder if my beating of the drum is being heard by that many?…

I know there are others who feel the same and perhaps together we can get the information out there for people to plan ahead? I guess we will all just need to beat the drum a little louder!

Interest rates were held yet again last week and now the BoE has suggested it does not feel the low rates are a threat just yet, even with the current rates of inflation. This is on the back of UK markets taking a wobble this week as US inflation soared ahead to 3.6% from 1.1% in November…

Oh well, its Friday so time to think about the weekend… oh, and its father’s day on Sunday too, which reminds me – my wife informed me we were going to the zoo to celebrate her mother’s birthday on Sunday instead which is something we did last weekend (celebrate her birthday that is not the zoo) and we will be celebrating again next week with the family…

Well it was her 70th and she is a fantastic mother-in-law too… I guess there will always be another father’s day next year!

Have a good weekend!

This Week …

Estate Planning

HMRC claws back £70m in underpaid IHT
UK tax is seventh highest in the world
Family Businesses Unaware of Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax Liabilities:
Will-writing business continues to attract commercial interest

Long Term Care

Southern Cross to surrender 132 homes
KCC would face ‘huge cash burden’ if Southern Cross care homes close
Lifeline for care homes operator Southern Cross
Taking steps to avoid home fees:
Care home place costs double the average pensioner’s income:
Southern Cross given four months to find solution:


If it’s broken, fix it!:
Standard Life issues inflation warning:


How to supercharge investment returns
Post Office launches inflation beating savings bonds:
Osborne plans £1bn sale of Northern Rock
FTSE slides after US inflation jumps to highest level since 2008
UK investors in bonds battle
BoE: Interest rates can be safely held



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