Posted by: WealthIFA | June 3, 2011

Financial News Update we 03/06/2011

Did you see the golf at the weekend? There was a change at the top with Lee Westwood relinquishing his number one spot to fellow countryman, Luke Donald, at the PGA championship.

 And, if you are a tennis fan, no doubt you will be keeping a close eye on the French Open this Friday – Murray certainly seem to be proving he has what it takes to be considered a very talented player – and he is British!

Yes I know he is Scottish and there is a whole other debate there but as my heritage is from Scotland, I feel able to straddle the fence somewhat?!!

There are some things we seem to be getting right at the moment and, as far as sport is concerned, us Brits are certainly doing something right.

Unfortunately, there are other things that we just cannot seem to get right though…

I know I do go on about this quite a bit but the care of the elderly and vulnerable is surely something we should all have a vested interest in isn’t it?

After all, as we all go through our lives with its ups and its downs, we are heading towards a time where we will, more likely than not, become old and possibly even vulnerable?

So why are we not making sure that when that time comes, we (or rather our loved ones) will not have to do battle with the bureaucratic obstacles that those in this position right now currently face?

 Each week when I look at the articles, there are usually a few comments on each but, when it comes to the long term care articles though, there always seems to be a plethora of comments – so this goes to show that it IS a big concern for many people.

As I have mentioned before, most of those going into care do not seek advice on how to pay for it and this puzzles me.

Yes I know the system may not be fair, and it does need addressing, so if enough noise is made, then perhaps the powers that be will do something about it – let’s see what the Dilnot Commission suggests in July?

For many it may be too late but there are still people who can protect their assets from being completely obliterated by the cost of long term care – they just need to find out how… after all, actions do speak much louder than words don’t they?

This Week …

Estate Planning

TRUSTS – Restriction on advances to minors may be scrapped
Consultation on 10 per cent charity relief starts next week

Long Term Care

Social care failing disabled over 65s, says report:
Human cost forgotten in race to invest
Paying towards old-age care ‘should be compulsory’
Care: Southern Cross care home firm in deal with landlords
The financial lessons of Southern Cross
‘The reality is that we can’t get care on the cheap and funding has to increase’


Annuity rates jump 1% in three months:


Bank of Scotland fined over complaints errors by FSA

Have a great weekend…



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