Posted by: WealthIFA | May 6, 2011

Financial News Update we 06/05/2011

Well, it seems like an age since my last update, what with Easter and then the Royal Wedding weekends, so I hope you have been well and enjoyed any (extended) time off?

Aside from the wedding and, of course, the weeks other major news from Pakistan, Long Term Care shows no sign of going quietly just yet… I am guessing that the column inches are simply a lead into the results of the Dilnot Commission which is due out in July.

Just like most (anticipated) reports there is a vast array of differing predictions/recommendations on what it will, or will not, say.

As I have said before, long term care is something that may not be as prolific in the news in the future as it is right now, but it will certainly remain an issue for many and, it would seem, the numbers affected will continue to increase.

This was a sad week this week but also, I think, one to make us reflect on our lives a bit more with the announcement from Perth that the last surviving veteran of the First World War has died at the age of 110 (

One hundred and ten years old?!!…. What a life this man has led, and what experiences he must have had to share with those closest to him… after all, isn’t that what we all want, to share our experiences and memories with those around us?

I was speaking to someone about “Chuckles” yesterday who said he wanted to be active into his 90’s but wasn’t sure about living to 100…

What amazes me is how quickly we come to alter our own interpretation of “the norm”.

It wasn’t that long ago that we would regard old age as someone living to their 60’s or even their 70’s… It would now seem that old age is being pushed back to our 80’s or even, as my friend implied, our 90’s!

But then, as someone who has recently turned 40, perhaps I am living in a combination of hope and denial?!!

Have a good weekend!…

This Week …

Estate Planning

Brits set to waste £1.3bn in inheritance tax
People ‘may lack inheritance tax exemption awareness’
Where there’s a will there’s room for strife

Long Term Care

ABI calls for gov’t to take lead on long-term care
Public-private partnership could solve care issues:
Long Term Care – the market cannot expect clarity
Elderly care costs soar for millions as councils feel pinch:
Plan ahead for every eventuality
Who will fix social care funding?


Life expectancy rises by 44 days in just one year
Live to be 100? One in four 16-year-olds predicted to become centenarians
Drifting along in drawdown could wash retirement income down the drain:


Planning and discipline is key to investment success:



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