Posted by: WealthIFA | April 15, 2011

Financial News Update we 15/04/2011

I hope you have had a good week?

Well, after a quiet few weeks, there have been some interesting articles, relating to finance, over the last seven days or so.

We also had another “protecting assets” seminar last night on ways to fund for care fees and what struck me (and not for the first time) is that people are still very frustrated – mostly at not knowing what they can do?

Some obviously want to have their cake and to eat it but, as we know, this is not always possible.

For those willing to take a more “accepting” approach – there are rules in place and we can either try to fight them or work with them – there are a range of options and possible solutions available to most.

We can all argue about whether or not it is fair that we have to fund our care fees but the reality for more and more is that we will have no choice.

The Dilnot commission report is due out in July but, although it will make proposals and recommendations for the funding of care, these recommendations still need to be implemented which will take time.

The budget announced a target deficit of £146bn for this year – this is a serious amount of cash – and plans are in place to reduce this over time but it will still1 impact on any such proposals for many years and just how many people will be assisted by them.

Either way, any suggested changes are unlikely to happen in this parliament so it makes sense to plan ahead rather than leave it to chance as we do not know what is around the corner now do we?

This Week …

Estate Planning

Cut your inheritance tax bill
Use trusts to safeguard your assets

Long Term Care

DLA confusion is not helping anyone
Southern Cross hit by talk of UK government bailout:
Southern cross in more trouble as its chief quits
Dilnot Commission “delighted” with LTC consultation response:
Dilnot Commission: Summary of Responses to the Call for Evidence


Govt annuity change to help just 2% of retirees:
Older people struggle with living costs
25% to rely on Inheritance for retirement provision


Exchange traded funds: Q&A:

Have a great weekend!



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