Posted by: WealthIFA | April 1, 2011

Financial News Update we 01/04/2010

How are you this week?

An early start this morning as I have a 3 year olds birthday party to prepare for later today, well I say prepare, most of it has been done actually, I just need to do the ‘useful’ things such as blow up balloons and so on!…

Anyway as you can imagine, it’s been full of cross examination of last week’s budget as well as those articles talking about the end of the tax year and, over the next few weeks at least, we can expect more of the former as the finer details of the budget are dissected.

Other articles this week that I thought you might like include some interesting (or perhaps worrying) ones on Inheritance Tax and a number of Long Term Care articles that highlight local authority funding…

Also, can you believe it is now well over 10 years since the whole Equitable Life saga began, with many of those affected having now passed away, the latest attempt at some form of compensation for the victims is, understandably so, being regarded as way too little and way too late…

A couple of eagerly anticipated savings news items – that of the return of index linked bonds from National Savings as well as the formation of the Junior ISA.

As always, if you have seen anything of interest, do let me know, now, where are those balloons?…

This Week …

Estate Planning

Inflation switch ‘will raise tax bill’
How can married couples avoid the IHT trap?
IHT Home Loan ‘Double Trust’ Schemes – double trouble ahead?
Divorce deal a family burden for generations, says millionaire

Long Term Care

Government steps in over Southern Cross care homes crisis
Private care home patients forced to subsidise local authority residents
Care home residents caught by financial assistance reduction from local authority
Review to recommend care cost cap
5pc fewer elderly people receiving free care as councils cut costs


How to avoid working for ever:
Payouts ‘too little too late’ say Equitable Life victims:
New state pension ‘at least £155’


NS&I’s inflation-linked savings bonds to return:
It pays to know your ISAs:
Draft Regulations on Junior ISAs:

Happy April Fools and have a great weekend!…



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