Posted by: WealthIFA | February 18, 2011

Financial News Update we 18/02/2011

Hope you have had a good week?

Don’t know about you but I for one was glad to see the Governments climb down this week, over the proposed woodlands sell off, following a massive public backlash… good to see that we still have some say over our land at least!

It wasn’t such good news on the financial front though, with another setback for savers as inflation hit 4% in January but, is it simply an accounting anomaly due to the increase in Vat or are the projections of 5% more accurate?

Last weeks seminar on “Protecting Assets” proved popular with a good turnout and many questions raised by the delegates on the subject of paying for long term care as well as investments generally but there needs to be more education on these issues I feel, what do you think?

Oh well my son’s birthday today so I am off to make some chocolate cake…

Have a good weekend!

This Week…

Estate Planning

Solicitor suspended over 19-year estate delay
Court refuses to rectify mirror will signed by wrong spouse

Long Term Care

Thousands more will have to sell homes for elderly care:
Anchor to build 1100 retirement properties:


IHT set to be axed on pension funds
Are you ready for pension tax changes?


Inflation hits 4% – time to review your savings interest rate?



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