Posted by: WealthIFA | February 4, 2011

Financial News Update we 04/02/2011

Good Morning

A turbulent week for those in Egypt and Australia – for very different reasons – perhaps we should be a little more grateful here in the UK?…

This week I have been advising on the impact of long term care for some clients as well as an unmarried couple (one of whom owned more than £1m in assets) without wills, who thought that their respective estates would pass to each other on death as they were “…common law husband & wife…”

Obviously they were shocked when I advised them of the reality of their current situation and they should be rectifying that shortly but it just serves to remind that to assume people will know the pitfalls of not taking certain steps is a dangerous move to make and the education/information we can give is vitally important.

A couple of reports out this week on Pensions as well as an article relating to means testing limits for long term care being frozen (but I cannot find the actual announcement on the DOH website so let me know if you have any luck?!).

Don’t forget, our January/February client newsletter is available to download by clicking here.

Have a good weekend!

This Week…

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Long Term Care

Means tested limits frozen


Damning verdict on our Pensions
How to protect your Pension pot from inflation:
Court ruling threatens unisex annuity rates:


Why the FTSE Isn’t British
Cautious funds no safety net for savers fighting inflation (but don’t panic!)
Savers flock to investment funds:



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