Posted by: WealthIFA | January 28, 2011

Financial News Update we 28/01/2011

So, how has your week been then? There was more discussion on interest rates this week as Mervyn King hinted that it was unlikely there was to be any immediate change in interest rates?… Personally I am not sure, what do you think?

After last weeks article about the fine imposed on Barclays, they have now stated that they intend to withdraw from giving financial advice in their branches – is this as a result of the fine or is this the shape of things to come with the new rules due to come into effect in 2013?

Wills have certainly been a hot topic too.

STEP has revealed the results of their own survey showing an alarming number of respondents who have witnessed errors in the Wills written by Will writers.

Did you see the BBC2 programme on Wills I mentioned last week?

It certainly provokes discussion and I am just hoping it is encouraging those who do not have a Will to at least explore what they should/could be doing?

Lastly, our January/February client newsletter is available to download by clicking here.

Have a good weekend!

This Week…

Estate Planning

REVEALED: How Shoddy Will Writing Harms Consumers
More than 1,000 solicitors support Will Aid charity scheme
Carer who ‘bullied’ elderly auctioneer loses battle for £2.3million share of his fortune
How can trustees decide which investment vehicle is best?

Long Term Care

Howler from council with rise in care fees
Care provider: The troubles besetting largest nursing home firm 


Equitable Life: More compensation details announced


Bank customers need more protection against bad investment advice
Barclays to stop offering branch advice



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