Posted by: WealthIFA | January 21, 2011

Financial News Update we 21/01/2011

How has your week been then?

Some significant pieces this week in the news, what with the Shadow Chancellor changes and yet another bank being fined by the FSA over its advice procedures.

Also, the visit above 6000 was short-lived for the FTSE but perhaps the return is just around the corner – once the Chinese jitters have faded?….

Did you manage to see the BBC2 programme on Wills? It certainly raised questions for people to consider when it comes to what they “should” be doing as far as their estates and heirs are concerned?

The overriding obstacle for most would appear to be the lack of communication – be that with the family or with a professional to obtain the most suitable advice.

If you didn’t see it you can still catch the first episode at the BBC’s iplayer (how did we manage without this?!) at but it may not be there for much longer? The second installment of the series is tonight on BBC2 at 9pm.

Have a good weekend!

This Week…

Estate Planning

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Long Term Care

Baby-boomers fear having to sell up to pay for their care
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£850-a-week cost of having the wrong postcode


Specialist investments for your Sipp
Save yourself from an uncertain future
Ways to save


Barclays ordered to pay almost £70m over mis-sold investments
How it pays to start saving early (excellent compounding slideshow from the BBC)
Markets slide as China concerns overshadow upbeat US data
A beginner’s guide to Inflation



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