Posted by: WealthIFA | January 14, 2011

Financial News Update we 14/01/2011

Hi, I hope you have had a good week this week?

Not sure about you but I am still struggling with this whole 2011 thing, the number of times I have typed or written 2010 in error over the last few days amazes me, I don’t usually have this problem at the start of a New Year so I am now wondering if I have some sort of subconscious desire to go back to 2010?…

Anyway back to 2011… Interest rates were held at 0.5% again yesterday as inflation nudges closer towards 4% (well above the 2% target) but how much longer can the bank resist the urge to increase rates?

A myriad of articles this week that may be of interest but as always, do let me know if you have spotted any others

Lastly, I know a lot of Solicitors will be interested in the new BBC series on intestacy which starts tomorrow night so let’s hope it fulfills its objective – to encourage people to plan ahead?…

This Week…

Estate Planning

Middle-classes leave an inheritance worth £335,285
WILLS – New BBC TV series starts tomorrow
WILLS – Guide to using trusts in will-writing

Long Term Care

Care home campaigners ‘ignored’ as KCC chiefs recommend closure of OAP facilities
A potential problem if the local authority funds your care
With cuts come consequences…


If you’re going to live to 100 – check your pension plan:
People nearing retirement ‘could be given inflation-linked certificates’:
Flexible drawdown: too good to be true?
Research shows trend for pension income at 65:


Savers face long wait for return of inflation beating bonds
Tax breaks that help investors in VCTs under threat

Have a great weekend!



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