Posted by: WealthIFA | January 7, 2011

Financial News Update we 07/01/2011

Happy New Year and I hope you have had a good festive break with your loved ones?

So, what does 2011 have in store for us?…

It’s off to a good start, sport wise at least, as the Ashes return to England but I wonder what changes we will see on the financial front – will interest rates rise as high as some expect? Will we see inflation creeping up even more? Now that the FTSE100 is through the 6000 barrier, how long will it remain there and will it keep going?

Over the next few weeks and months there will be many predictions I am sure but the fact remains that we cannot be 100% certain of what will happen next.

Our only option is to plan our finances as best as we can in anticipation of our own goals and objectives but also remember to review them regularly to compensate for any unforeseen changes – that is what we would call good financial planning…

This Week…

Estate Planning

RSPCA has won its appeal in the contentious probate  
Inheritance tax ‘obsolete’

Long Term Care

The King’s Funds projection on expenditure for adult social care 
2010 an eventful year for care regulation http:/ /
Shake-up of KCC care homes
A fifth ‘will live to 100’
Remarkable Staines gran celebrates 111th birthday


Inflation ‘may cause concern’ among some people in retirement


Savings compensation limit increased 
Top tax tips for the new year
VCT tax relief could be stopped

Have a great weekend!


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