Posted by: WealthIFA | December 10, 2010

Financial News Update we 10/12/2010

Oh well, it would seem my optimism, as far as the cricket is concerned at least, is paying off – so I will keep my fingers crossed for more of the same in Perth next week?…

Anyway, how have you been? You may have noticed there was no update last week – as the snow played havoc with my diary as I am sure it did with yours. How did you get on? There were some terrible stories of people trying to get to the office (someone I know spent 11 solid hours in the car and didn’t even get to work!)

Aside from the weather a plethora of finance related articles have emerged over the last few weeks though and I have selected below the most interesting (IMHO!) but please let me know if you have spotted any others of interest?

Yesterday saw yet more demonstrations on the raising of tuition fees and I cannot help but feel that those scenes will become more common place, over the next few years, as the effects of the spending review hit more and more people – young, old, wealthy and the not so wealthy.

This Week…

Estate Planning

Inheritance tax clampdown: Treasury closes in on £2bn worth of dodges
Treasury: pension drawdown funds will escape IHT
WILLS – Mystery shoppers to be turned loose on unregulated will-writers
Pooling family resources for more efficient investment

Long Term Care

Care home turns back the clock on dementia
Private equity funds knock at care homes
Further austerity needed to pay for elderly care, says OBR
Banks that betray the old and frail who can’t look after their own finances
Where are we going with long-term care for the elderly?
National Charity Campaign – Older people don’t have to be lonely this Christmas
Dorchester’s Christine Dyson is 100
Southern Cross Healthcare losses double on rent hikes
Call for evidence on long-term care


Get up to 16% on your savings
Pension payouts rise 2% to lift gloom
Many older consumers ‘unaware of what annuities are’
Equitable Life compensation
Pensioners freed from annuity trap at age 75


Surge in investment funds
Iceland agrees Icesave deal with UK and Netherlands
UK interest rates held at 0.5% by Bank of England

Have a good weekend!



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