Posted by: WealthIFA | November 19, 2010

Financial News Update we 19/11/2010

Hope you have had a good week this week?

Well, as far as I can tell at least, the “…let’s get this sorted by Christmas…” race has started with many clients now deciding it’s time to get organized – have you found the same thing?

This week has also seen a number of later life related articles affecting those who are either approaching retirement or perhaps are already retired and now face many new financial issues.

To these people, there is only one piece of advice that would apply across the board – get a financial plan in place!

Of course, the plan itself will be different from one person to the next, depending on the particular issue (or issues) they face, their financial & family situation, tax status, attitude to risk, objectives etc but unless we have a plan in place how will anything ever be achieved?

Information is out there either by researching yourself or asking for an adviser to do it on your behalf but, if you choose the latter, ensure they are a) independent and b) work on a fee basis.

Have a great weekend!

Estate Planning

Can I use dead husband’s IHT allowance?
New process to make first-time IHT payments for trusts

Long Term Care

Your guide to meeting the soaring cost of care: We answer the vital questions
Insurance industry regroups in important bid to regain public trust on long …
Government to set out care ‘vision’


Pensions ‘decimated’ by low interest rates, warns Saga
Public and private pensions: Your questions answered
Annuities and pensions: how to secure a richer retirement


UK inflation rate in surprise October increase
Wealth ‘hit by financial crisis’



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