Posted by: WealthIFA | November 5, 2010

Financial News Update we 05/11/2010

So how has your week been then?

Having had some time off for the half term last week I was hoping for a brief update this week (as it is my daughter’s birthday today), but to be honest I have simply been overwhelmed by the number of articles over the last 7 days or so, with estate planning and long term care featuring heavily…

I have tried to condense my findings to those articles mentioned below and summarise, as much as I could, the topics I felt may be appropriate to pass on.

Still, on the plus side, these new items will come in handy for a couple of seminars next week; one on “Protecting Your Assets” and the other on “Retirement – Securing Your Future” so I look forward to having discussions on these latest articles with the attendees as is usually the case.

So what has been happening then?

Well firstly, interest rates have been held yet again at 0.5% whilst the Banks Monetary Policy Committee decided not to follow the Federal Reserve’s lead – which was to pump more money into the economy – as a result we have seen somewhat of a rally from the FTSE so was this due to the US Fed’s action or the MPC’s stance?

Additionally, George Osborne has now announced that the next budget will be held on 23rd March 2011… So that will be something of interest to most of us I would think – I am sure the cuts cannot be over just yet, what do you think?

Anyway, hope you enjoy Bonfire Night and have a great weekend… I now need to prepare for the invasion of a dozen or so excited little girls later on so I’d better get those decorations and balloons up… and where did I put that chocolate sponge cake recipe?!….

Estate Planning

Could you become a higher rate taxpayer for the first time after you die?
10 legal tips for avoiding UK inheritance tax
Trusts – 50% income tax rate
Back to basics: IHT

Long Term Care

NHS and individuals to pick up LTC bill as councils struggle
Who’ll pay for your parents’ care:
How will England fund long-term care?
Care groups warn on government funding reform pledges


UK couples ‘need to talk about annuity options’
Pension hope for babyboomer generation


Investors may be wise to cast the net wider in search of income
Money on the Move again?…
Funds raised through VCTs up 127pc



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