Posted by: WealthIFA | October 22, 2010

Financial News Update we 22/10/2010

Well, as we all come to terms with the spending review, and its much publicised impact, I am wondering if we are at the dawn of a new financial age or perhaps a revisit to an old one… for so long we were able to spend, borrow and make money without much effort but now it is very different.

So was this review always going to happen, being more a case of when rather than if, and, if so, perhaps my grandmothers advice all those years ago about how you should only “…spend within your means…” made more sense than I realised – and she wasn’t even a government adviser?!

Spending review or not, the FTSE has been steadily increasing since early September and is close to its 12 month high too… is confidence continuing?
In other news…

Estate Planning

Law Society trawls for evidence of bad will-writing
Ex-mistress and estranged children dispute over “missing” will

Long Term Care

1000s sign petitions against care homes closures
Spending review means challenge to caring for elderly and vulnerable
Tears as Elsie dies, aged 111 and 285 days
An age-old problem – over 80 percent not saving for their care in old age


Equitable Life pay-out of £1.5bn
Majority opt for full pension with inheritance


The seven stages and ages of investing

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