Posted by: WealthIFA | October 7, 2010

Financial News Update we 08/10/2010

Wow, what a week!

It all started on Monday – and apologies if you are not a golfing fan – with Graeme McDowell keeping his cool for the Ryder Cup, bringing it back to Europe after its vacation to the states.

Over in Delhi we have managed (at the time of writing) to amass no less than 12 Gold medals and are currently 3rd in the table behind Australia & India (or second if you look at the total medal haul).

Away from the sport and back to finance, it was a big week for Pensions too…

Again starting on Monday with the Panorama programme on commissions, we saw how the effects of charges depleted funds… or did we?

In his interim report, published today, Lord Hutton recommends a radical change to the current public sector pensions system – clearly those who are fortunate enough to have such a scheme are not happy at the prospect of working longer for less but then those who fund such schemes (the taxpayers) could be forgiven for thinking that, financially speaking, it does make sense bearing in mind the dire state of our public purse

No surprise really that the Bank of England decided to leave rates at 0.5% again – so celebrations continue perhaps for those on low rates for Mortgages, but it still means pitiful returns for those with savings on deposit.

Oh and in case you want to relive that Ryder Cup moment I mentioned earlier, it’s beautifully captured by the BBC…

Have a fantastic weekend!

Estate Planning

Inheritance tax plans probed:
Misleading IHT planning claims for wine cellar investments
Slump in number of non-resident taxpayers

Long Term Care

Dental treatment lacking in Some Care Homes (includes free and impartial advice helpline number):
CQC sets new nursing care standards


Govt’s spending review ‘should not hurt pension holders’
Report offers window on insufficient pensions
How to maximise your pension…


Raised ISA limit encourages record savings



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