Posted by: WealthIFA | September 30, 2010

Financial News Update we 01/10/10

A slightly earlier (actually quite late as I type!) update this week as I will not be around tomorrow so, as always, I hope that you find something of interest…

How has your week been then? Are there any interesting conversations you are having at the moment? Is there a “theme” to what is being discussed with your family/friends/colleagues/clients?

I have had yet more enquiries this week on Long Term Care fees funding and how best to meet this ever increasing burden on so many families. There have also been some interesting conversations on investment risk versus inflationary risk when it comes to the right home for any surplus assets.

Anyway, there have been quite a few articles this week but only a few that were really worth mentioning…

Estate Planning

Third 2010-11 Finance Bill published
The IHT rules extension

Long Term Care

Ros Altmann: At the other end of retirement…
Protest march today over KCC care home closures
Not such an unusual story these days… friends to toast 104 years
Testing the limits of care for older people
Jo Williams confirmed as CQC chair


OAPs ‘fail to maximise income’
Poverty-line pensions: £27 a day not enough to cover bills


Savers get a bigger safety net – but rates remain dire

Have a great weekend and lets keep our fingers crossed for Monty and the rest of the European team – time for the Ryder Cup to make its way back over the pond I feel!…



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