Posted by: WealthIFA | September 24, 2010

Financial News Update we 24/09/2010

Hope you have had a good week?…

I read recently that the number of over 85’s in the UK is expected to double in the next 20 years… talk about adding fuel to the fire. State budgets cannot cope with the current demand for the elderly, so how will they cope going forward?

This is an article I saw in a coffee shop yesterday and thought it really is a sad state of affairs when an RAF rear gunner whose plane was shot down in 1944 (he then became a German PoW for over a year), who is now 86, with three forms of cancer is ‘refused NHS nursing care because he’s not ill enough’ and judging by the comments listed it would seem many others agree…

Anyway I hope the following articles are of interest and that you have a great weekend!

Estate Planning

So what does the typical UK taxpayer look like?
Death, taxes and keeping it in the family
Parents won’t have wealth to pass on, report says
Legal Services Board begins search for examples of dud will-writers

Long Term Care

Care home shuts after cash crisis
Lynda Bellingham on her mother’s Alzheimer’s:
South East Care Home awarded 2 stars
Turn care homes into cybercafés, says Fact
“Dementia is one of the costliest illnesses” in the UK


Support for ending compulsory annuity purchase calls for bigger changes
UK tops EU league for gap between savings and comfortable retirement
Brits Do Not Have Pension Plans…
Bank’s money printing programme to boost economy hits pensions
Get paid more for being unhealthy


Investors warned over bonds
How savers can cope with rising inflation
Inflation has eaten £8 of every £100 saved
Octopus investors targeted in ‘Boiler room’ scam



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