Posted by: WealthIFA | September 17, 2010

Financial News Update we 17/09/2010

Depending on your faith you may or may not know that the Pope is visiting the UK this week… actually, it has been all over the media so I am sure you have noticed… anyway, my point was that I read that his visit will (it is estimated) cost the UK £12m. This is for a 4 day visit and the UK taxpayer is footing the bill – I hope he is worth it!

In other news that will affect us all, Mervyn King says he would be “shirking (his) responsibilities” and repeats his support for the government’s deficit reduction plan with a mixed response…

Have a great weekend!…

Estate Planning

Solicitor charged with theft
Ex-bank manager stole from family
Deed of Variation – why use them?

Long Term Care

Four Seasons seals debt restructuring deal
Older people fear government cuts
Bath Fundraisers take the plunge for charities
Free Dementia Awareness Open Day


Poor health means a better deal
UK industry gives a mixed response to pension plan
Majority of annuity experts expect rate to fall over the next five years
10 tips to protect your pension


The secret to beating inflation highlights impact of inflation on savings accounts



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