Posted by: WealthIFA | September 10, 2010

Financial News Update we 10/09/2010


Has it been a good week for you this week then?

I have been looking at the sporting world myself, and it has been quite uplifting, what with England winning against Pakistan in the latest Twenty20 match, of course, the news is marred somewhat by the fixing scandal instead but let’s hope we can just repeat the same winning success today in the start of the one day international series.

We also have two Brits in the top four of the Formula 1 standings, with another 6 races to go this year we could well be looking at another World Championship for either.

And, despite another exit due to penalties for an England team, our England Women’s Hockey team “…put their heart and soul…” into playing the current Olympic and World champions in the World Cup Semi Final.

If you ignore the scandals, managers announcing retirement etc, it is certainly a good time for British sport

As far as Financial news is concerned, there is some optimistic and some not so optimistic news this week – enjoy!

Estate Planning

‘Best amnesty ever’ for tax dodgers includes Inheritance Tax
Gifts from estate to charitable trust disqualify donors from gift aid relief

Long Term Care

Future health costs cause increasing personal responsibility
Southern Cross in talks to renegotiate
Care home plans move forward
Burden for long-term care funding to hit £2.75bn: Partnership


Ten ways to survive the pensions crisis
Britons ‘giving up’ on retirement
Will your pension let you give up working by 65?


Interest rate held at record low for 18th consecutive month

Have a great weekend!…



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