Posted by: WealthIFA | August 13, 2010

Financial News Update we 13/08/2010

How has your week been?

It suddenly struck me the other day that it will be September in a few weeks; I have even received my first invitation for a Christmas event!… Time, as they say, has certainly flown this year…

Anyway, for me, the most topical item in the news this week was the Panorama programme about Will Writers…

Did you see it? It certainly made for some interesting debate, although I couldn’t help but think, as is usually the case with these documentaries, that it was more about a minority who only have interest in their own financial gains or objectives as opposed to those of us who want the best for our clients …

I am sure this story could have been about any profession – be that financial, legal or any other  – or indeed trade and merely highlighted for a client that finding a trustworthy person to act on their behalf is of paramount importance.

Elsewhere, a few pieces of interest this week but as always feel free to let me know if you have seen anything of else you want to share…

There will be no further updates for a few weeks so enjoy the rest of August and see you in September!

Estate Planning

Survey Reveals Incompetence and Dishonesty of “Cowboy” Will Writers
How cheap wills can boost care home fees and IHT bills

Long Term Care

Union fights plans to close KCC care homes
Lights, camera and action at care home
Southern Cross Healthcare warns on profits


Stock market ‘perfect storm’ cuts pension income by two thirds
Pensioners suffer ill health during first 5 years of retirement
Money worries tops over 50’s list of concerns
So there are now 10,000 centenarians in Britain?


Investment Line: The FTSE could fall ‘below 3,420’




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