Posted by: WealthIFA | August 6, 2010

Financial News Update we 06/08/2010

I hope you are well?…

A bit of a catch up on the news over the last few weeks with some interesting pieces on Estate Planning and, as far as I can tell, Long Term Care is back in the headlines as a suitable way forward is discussed with even those in the US taking note of what is happening in the UK.

As the Monetary Committee decide to keep rates at a record low for another month, it would seem there is little chance of any change in the immediate future although at least one other in the BoE committee would like to see it increased sooner rather than later… (Citywire:

Other news this week….

Estate Planning

Probate research – who should pay the fees?
Row over sisters’ £400,000 estate left to hairdresser
Executors can now write off B&B shareholdings
Coalition’s finance bill is now law
Examination of Cost of Long Term Care Demonstrates Need for Will…

Long Term Care

ABI wants action on UK’s aging population
Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care
Care homes: Talk doesn’t pay the bills
Care UK’s CEO appointed as Trustee of NHS Confederation
Think tank says financial advice key to long-term care reform


Thousands of pensioners ‘were mis-sold annuities’
Many UK consumers ‘failing to gain enhanced annuities’
American savers have smaller charges on personal pensions
Pension funds add seven months to retirement lifespan


National Savings’ move is major blow to savers
Bank of England chief says stimulus still needed



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