Posted by: WealthIFA | July 23, 2010

Financial News Update we 23/07/2010

I hope you are well?…

Sad news this week as the UK’s oldest person dies (see below) but, it is a stark reminder that living to an age of 100 plus is no longer an “out of the ordinary” achievement and, as such, we should all be preparing for a longer retirement than perhaps previous generations would have?….

Grandmother dies as UK’s oldest person at 111

Other news this week….

Estate Planning

Useful e book available on updates to UK Inheritance Tax Act 1984
What’s the best way to leave a legacy in a will for conservation causes?
Probate – resulting trust and joint bank accounts

Long Term Care

NHS reforms: Is Andrew Lansley’s brutal surgery really needed?
Government unveils team tasked with finding ways to fund long-term care
Elderly and Disabled Put at Risk by Cuts in Home Care
Long-term care: get the best deal now


Pensions: Approval for changes to academics’ scheme
Equitable Life compensation ‘coming in 2011’ but limited to £400-500m
Pensions: Is your scheme affected by the switch to CPI?


National Savings withdraws products

There will be no update next week so have a great weekend and see you in a few weeks!…



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