Posted by: WealthIFA | July 9, 2010

Financial News Update we 09/07/2010

Hope you have had a good week and you are looking forward to the weekend…

Only a few articles this week…

Firstly, as the Joseph Rowntree foundation publishes its findings on the minimum salary one needs “…for an acceptable standard of living…” in the UK; another report shows that despite efforts to reduce the disparity, a gap still remains between the rich and poor in England and their life expectancy…

What do you think, is £14,400 enough? And if we are living longer in the South common sense would suggest we would need to plan with this in mind?

I heard Mr Cameron this week stating that the deficit was now £155bn so it could still be some time before the state purse is bulging again?!…

Estate Planning

New IHT treatment of unused pension pots
Equity being used to gift early

Long Term Care

Primary care trusts should relinquish budgets to GPs right away …
Meetings on new care home policy
Private sector could have the answers on long-term care


Equitable Life victims win £1bn compensation
HMRC Technical Guidance: (Pensions) Treatment of Persons at Age 75
Tax Relief restriction for higher rate tax payers to be reversed


Britain To Dodge Double Dip – Just
Stock market analysts square up: Will the bears or bulls triumph?

Have a great weekend!



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