Posted by: WealthIFA | June 24, 2010

Financial News Update we 25/06/2010

Hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend – summer, it seems, is here at last!!

So the country is on a high as England qualifies for the next round of the World Cup on Sunday against Germany – piece of cake!

Clearly this weeks news has been dominated by the emergency budget (that and the football!) but it would seem that it wasn’t as bad as they had warned… although perhaps that was their ploy?… I have sifted through those I thought contained more relevance but if you have spotted any others worth looking at, please do let me know.

Additionally, there were still a few other articles worth mentioning …

Pre Budget 2010: Glossary of key terms
Ward MacKenzie Emergency Budget Report 2010

Estate Planning

OFT issues new advice for testators as SRA warns solicitors on probate service ethics

Long Term Care

Care home to be knocked down in major overhaul
Man missing from care home found in north Wales
Furley Page: Essential tips for home care funding


Budget 2010: What it means for pensions
Budget 2010: Government scraps age 75 rule
Budget 2010: Government to review plan to limit tax relief on pensions


Budget 2010: Rise in UK capital gains tax not all bad news for higher rate tax payers …

Let me know if you have any questions and have a good weekend!



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