Posted by: WealthIFA | June 11, 2010

Financial News Update we 11/06/2010

How has your week been then? It’s been a mixed week this end, what with the usual client meetings, research, reports, a “Protecting Your Assets” seminar and a School Sports day to contend with I am looking forward to the weekend!

Looking at the news this week we started out with a warning that things are worse than first thought… but hang on, haven’t we been here before?…

It looks as though Will Writers are here to stay as the OFT approves the code of practice of one group so what does the future hold?…

As the UK deficit grips tighter, the funding issues for one local authority lead to a 106 year old being re homed due to the care home closure and as a Wallaby escapes from a Hampshire care home I am optimistic to  say that anything could happen in south Africa over the next few weeks?!…

Let me know if you have any questions and have a good weekend!

Estate Planning

Cameron admits the true purpose of inheritance tax cuts
Online Inheritance Tax Calculator from Aviva
Daughter cut off with a pound fails to prove will was forged
Will writing is key battleground for supremacy in the legal market

Long Term Care

Wallaby escapes from Hampshire care home
Just Retirement: annuity payments should be flexible to cover care …
Moving 106-year-old from care home not breach of human rights …
Cut the cost of nursing home care


Annuity Rates hit all time low

Thought this was worth repeating – State Pension Forecast Calculator –


Consider the collective benefits of investment trusts
Tax-free saving hits nine-year high

Have a great weekend… Come on England!!



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