Posted by: WealthIFA | May 28, 2010

Financial News Update we 28/05/2010

Well, it’s been a mixed week – weather wise – and I am now left wondering if that’s it for the summer – let’s hope not?!…

A good mix of articles this week on a wide range of personal finance topics so I hope you find something of interest for you and/or your friends/family.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a good Bank Holiday weekend!

Estate Planning

Paying Inheritance Tax using the deceased’s National Savings
Paying Inheritance Tax on account :
CGT rate rise may be offset by taper relief

Long Term Care

Nursing homes hit by budget demands
UK To Reform NHS Health System And Social Care
Can the new government solve the long-term care dilemma?
NHS ‘reorganisation’ is outlined
Why long-term adult care funding must be reformed | 247 …


Great news for pensions under Cameron – but questions remain
New annuity rules will help only the richest
How to make sure your pension won’t go to pot
BBC News Personal pension contributions dip by £1bn
Top Pru exec slams Govt annuity policy


Choosing a cash Individual Savings Account
Morningstar to rate UK investment trusts
Child Trust Funds to be axed – HMRC document:


The purpose of these updates is to report article content that may be of interest to you and/or your friends/family etc. Any information should not be construed as specific financial advice. Therefore, before any financial decision is made or plans are implemented, independent financial advice should be sought. Regards, Kieron


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