Posted by: WealthIFA | April 22, 2010

Financial News Update we 23/4/2010

Good Morning,

An early update this week…

So, who won your vote then? The televised debate was a “first” and gave them the opportunity to shine but what did you think of their proposals?
Quite a few articles this week, although I had to sift (if you will pardon the pun!) through all the volcano related items out there… why is there so much scare mongering when these things happen?

Anyway, hope you have a fantastic rest of the week and enjoy the weather at the weekend!

Estate Planning

Daughter sues (Father) trustee for unrealised estate proceeds
Flaw in Perpetuities Act may hobble pension trustees
Tory Manifesto, it’s official – “…will raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1m…”

Long Term Care

Brown, Cameron and Clegg debate social care
Families set to join in care home review
BBC Radio 4 PM: Find a care home on a budget


Make the most of Retirement
Who cares about Pensions?


Six reasons why markets have defied the doomsayers this year
Inflation jumps to 3.4%
MPC members reveal inflation fears



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