Posted by: WealthIFA | February 19, 2010

Financial News Update we 19/02/2010

Well, what a stir HMRC has caused recently, firstly they made their views clear on the legal profession and their role in giving tax advice ( and now it would seem they are targeting the financial profession with suggestions they will pursue anyone giving advice – resulting in a reduction in tax revenue – but is that not the point of the advice in the first place?!…

Oh well, at least they have agreed to extend the consultation for now (, otherwise no more ISA advice for a start!…

Otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet this week but a few articles worth mentioning…

Estate Planning

A death tax is the fairest one. Yet now no voter will buy it

Long Term Care

Mandy attacks Cameron’s death tax ‘wrecking ball’


More flexibility in third way pensions
Overseas pensions may look good, but beware the sting
Retirement planning savings ‘not keeping pace with inflation’


ISA savers may experience ‘difficulties’ in 2010
Isa Insight: bond funds
Which funds are the best bet for the better off?
Where the experts would invest now

Lastly, just in case next time “it’s you!”, here are a few ideas from The Guardian on how to spend… sorry, I mean manage, your lottery millions!

Have a good weekend!



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